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Turn to Kittyhawk Realty for condo property management in Oakwood, OH. We are a locally owned and run business. With us, you know your condo property manager is close by to handle the needs of your local property. As a result, we offer attentive service to your HOA board of directors. What’s more, you get all this at cost-effective condo property management fees. So, are you are looking at local condo property management companies? You’re in luck! Your search is over!

As a matter of fact, we will make sure that insurance, utilities, and contractors are paid on time. Common areas and landscaping will be properly maintained. We will not only take care of work that needs to be done, but we will also look for the best quality and value.

Kittyhawk Realty offers comprehensive services to condo owners. So you can rely on us to handle any complaints. Rest assured, we work hard to enforce community standards. As a result, when an owner falls behind on dues, we’ll also take action to get those accounts up-to-date. So, why wait? Call our condo property management office today!

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Condo Property Manager

Hiring a condo property manager for your HOA is the surest way to boost value. Condo property management companies bring the latest standards. In turn, your condo property manager uses proven methods. Our goal is to make your HOA more effective in meeting your community’s needs.

Condo property management services can deliver the following results:

  • Better legal compliance and governance
  • Better vendor relations and discounts on services
  • Equity and fairness in handling disputes
  • Professional financial management, such as dues collection, funds control, and reporting
  • Quick response times

For the record, about 75% of HOA’s use a condo property manager. In light of this, we are all about being the team to best fit your needs. Call us now to learn more!

Condo Property Management Companies

Clearly, a condo property manager should be competent in all areas of condo property management. It is also important to have a proven track record of performance. The most successful condo property management companies do the following:

  • Handle everyday concerns without supervision
  • Guide the HOA’s decision-making processes
  • Are attentive and responsive to homeowners

Homeowners are more permanent than renters. For that reason, condo property management companies must consider the lasting implications of their actions. They know that longevity, consistency, and experience are vital considerations. Good interpersonal skills are important as well. Condo property managers in Oakwood, OH must deal with emergencies, conflicts and expressed interests of the HOA board.

With this in mind, it’s important to hire a condo property management service in Oakwood, OH. Kittyhawk Realty has methods for managing group politics and negotiating agreements. We know how to work with members with conflicting points of view.

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Condo Property Management Fees

Typically, there are three types of condo property management fees: initiation, ongoing and exit.

  1. Initiation: These are the initial fees are paid to the PM. The parties will negotiate the initiation fees based on the workload. For instance, services may include banking, bookkeeping, record transition, and more.
  2. Ongoing: These monthly fees are paid by the HOA to the condo property management company. This a pre-negotiated, set fee. It is part of the contract. Contracts can range from 1–3 years. However, they are typically on a year-to-year basis.
  3. Exit: This fee comes when one HOA firm is transferred to another. Condo property management companies won’t transition books to another company for free.

With condo property management fees, be sure to consider the quality of services and not just the price. Remember, cheap doesn’t always mean better. On the other hand, not all that is expensive has a certain value.  As shown above, Kittyhawk Realty offers quality, condo property management services. Call us today!

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