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Are you getting the most bang for your buck with your investment property? Truth be told, most landlords can’t manage their own properties effectively. But with landlord property management services in Centerville, OH, you will be worry-free. With this in mind, we handle all the time-consuming tasks. So, by all means, relax and reap the benefits of owning rental property. You will be assigned a landlord property manager. This professional will handle all of your landlord maintenance services. Rest assured, our landlord property management methods are designed to attract and keep reliable tenants. The goal of property maintenance services for landlords is to maximize ROI. We want to ease your burdens. For that reason, our attentive managers provide superior customer service.

So why wait? Protect your investment with landlord property management services. Call Kittyhawk Realty, Inc today to learn more!

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Property Maintenance Services For Landlords

Landlord property management companies need reliable support for maintenance and repairs. Often times, a property manager will compromise to maintain a relationship with an underperforming contractor. The reason is they are unsure of the alternatives. It’s fear of the unknown! As a result, Kittyhawk Realty makes pleasing tenants a priority. After all, it isn’t easy getting good workers who will get the job done right.

Manicured properties, with mowed grass and freshly painted interiors, make the best first impression. For that reason, property maintenance service for landlords should never skimp!

Kittyhawk Realty is experts who will service all your building service needs. Also, we are versatile enough to find expert contractors. We are the landlord property management team that can handle all emergencies and regular maintenance needs.

Landlord Property Manager

A landlord property manager is a person who takes care of residential properties for the owner. Once the property is rented it out the owner is now a landlord. Landlord property management ensures that the rented property is well maintained. For example, this includes managing how the property looks and handling other maintenance or repairs. What’s more, the property manager also collects rents from tenants.

Most landlord property managers serve as a liaison between the tenant and the owner. This extends over the course of the lease. To that end, Kittyhawk handles tenant credit, background, and reference checks. In fact, depending on the agreement, the property manager may be in charge of tenant selection.

For information on property maintenance, please see our Property Maintenance Huber Heights, OH page.

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Landlord Maintenance Services

Some of a landlord’s biggest headaches are related to property maintenance. A hot water heater fails, a garage door stalls or garbage disposal stops working. Because the owner doesn’t live in the house, minor problems don’t get nipped in the bud. As a result, small concerns turn into big repairs. With Kittyhawk Realty we will keep your rental property humming. We will respond to frozen pipes or a flooded basement at any time. With that in mind, landlord property management gives you peace of mind.

Professional landlord maintenance services in Centerville include:

  • Monthly on-site preventative maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Handyman Services, as requested by the owner or tenant

To ensure that you are protecting your investment, consider hiring Kittyhawk Realty. Having a landlord property management service will help take the load off. Maintenance services include inspections, property checks, landscape, and a 24/7 emergency call line. We also have solid relationships with reliable contractors. Therefore, you always know your property is being taken care of by professionals. So, why not call today?

Property maintenance services for landlords will change your life! Kittyhawk Realty is here to care for your property in the Greater Centerville area. Call to schedule an appointment today! We are eager to help!

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