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Do you own a house or an apartment building that you rent out? With that in mind, it isn’t easy to manage investment property effectively. For that reason, you will benefit from rental property management services in Kettering, OH. With Kittyhawk Realty you are in trusted hands. Our professionals handle all of your rental property management and maintenance needs. This includes rent collection services and tenant screening services. So, if you are searching for “rental property managers near me” look no further! We’ve got you covered!

Our goal is to take over every aspect of rental property management for you. The rental property managers at Kittyhawk offer excellent customer service. In addition, our professionals hold themselves to the highest standards to meet your needs. Rental property management in Kettering includes:

  • Rent collection services
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Tenant screening services
  • Full-service leasing

You will have peace of mind when you trust your investment to the local professionals. So why wait? Call Kittyhawk Realty, Inc today. Find out more about our rental property management services in Kettering.

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Rent Collection Services

Since nothing impacts profit flow more than late or missed rent payments, we are on top of it. For that reason, our rental property managers collect rent every month and deposit promptly into your account.  Rent collection services are professional and diligent. We use a systematic and timely rental property management process to ensure your cash flow is not affected.

To make it easier, tenants are offered a variety of ways to pay rent. In addition, they are awarded incentives for paying on time. Above all we want you to get your money as quickly as possible. At the same time, we always treat tenants fairly and respectfully. We know that a positive tenant relationship leads to timely rent payments as well as better care for your property.

Tenant Screening Services

Placing a bad tenant can cost you plenty. In fact, it can cost you more than the money you save by managing a property yourself. For that reason, every tenant evaluation is based on employment verification, credit, criminal background, and rental history. Our rental property management tenant screening services comply with all applicable laws.

When we find the right tenant, we schedule a time to sign the lease. Then, we do a move-in assessment. Next, the lease is professionally prepared to ensure that all contracts are carried out properly. Then, all fees are collected according to local regulations. In addition, we provide tenant education at the lease signing.

Lastly, the property manager and approved tenant will walk-through the property to note the current conditions. This is a very important step. It assists in accurately determining any changes when the tenant moves out.

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Rental Property Management and Maintenance

Management is a necessary expense when you own investment property. As a result, your ROI can be affected without timely upkeep. Therefore, when we handle rental property management and maintenance, you will save money and time. Rental property management in Kettering, OH ensures that problems are handled by trustworthy professionals.

Our rental property management office has a network of local contractors and vendors to handle property maintenance. In addition, our partnerships provide the professional level of service our clients have come to expect.

Rental Property Managers Near Me

Kittyhawk Realty, Inc works hard to keep you informed about your rental property. Our team of rental property managers near me, will update you on leasing, vacancies, inspections, maintenance, and financial reports.  Whether you live nearby or hundreds of miles away, you will remain in the loop.

Learn more about the benefits of rental property management. Call our Kettering office today!

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